The purchase method of home lock
ʱ: 2019-6-15 12:51:37

For the lock, the lock is rotated, the sound of the smaller the better, to handle a little, you should follow a lock tongue. From the shape of key, key lock hole safety lock high key shaped teeth,
But the pit key lost must be accompanied by the original factory. The more the number of the square tongue lock, better safety.
Consumer choice of lock should pay attention to the following points:
Should choose well-known high quality and stability, good after-sales service of the company's products.
To observe the appearance of the product quality, comprises a lock head, a lock body, a lock tongue, handle and cover plate component and the supporting pieces are complete, plating, painting surface color is bright, uniform, no rust
Oxidation trace and damage.
First check the purchased product packaging logo is complete (including product performance standards, grades, production enterprise name, address, date of production), the packaging is strong, the product description is
It is not in conformity with the fact that there is an exaggeration.
Check the product function is reliable, flexible, should choose more than two products were examined, especially the purchase of bidirectional lock products, must with all key respectively on the inner and the outer lock in
Line test switch, it is recommended that at least three times per lock.
Mutual opening rate is the ratio of the lock and the key to each other, a key to open the lock less, prove that the security of the lock is stronger. When consumers buy to try to pick the key number lock, because
The number of teeth, the greater the difference, the lower the rate of the lock.
According to the use environment choice of lock, such as dry humidity, the door structure, thickness, door opening to the left or right to open the door, open the door and open the door.

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