Safety Home Furnishing: starting from the selected locks
ʱ: 2019-6-15 12:51:05

Lock in the home life plays an important role, good lock is not only guarantee the safety of the lives and property of the people, or the crowning touch to the portal.
- lock family members
With the development of the times, the family has been derived lock out many different functions, to satisfy people's daily needs. Its use of existing lock function can be divided into four kinds, namely households door locks, Muro Chi, bath
Lock, lock.
Door lock: is a home of the door, from the safety of the role of insurance, so the door is also known as the door lock lock or lock.
Indoor lock: generally refers to the bedroom with lock and its confidentiality requirements, locks must have insurance on the inside and outside must use the key to open.
Lock the bathroom: locks in a non metallic nature inside the lock. Channel lock only play the role of the handle and the impact of the beads, and no insurance function, so it applies to the channel, restaurant, living room, storage room, son
Children's room, etc., mainly to open the convenience.
Lock the shape can be divided into two kinds of ball lock and handle lock. Ball lock feel full, can be applied to many of the material, such as wood, artificial stone, metal, plastic, etc.. The handle lock generally made of copper, stainless steel
Steel, alloy and other materials processing.
- gate select lock how to "see", "OK", "listen to"
The first choice of lock, attention should be paid to the choice since the door opened and the direction of the lock, it can be more convenient to open and close. Secondly, attention should be paid to the door frame width, under normal circumstances, the spherical lock and lock cannot
ANN in less than 90mm in the door and around the door frame width 90mm above 100mm below should choose ordinary spherical lock 60mm lock tongue; 100mm above, can choose high retaining cover is 70mm lock tongue lock, also
The thickness, and locks the door whether the match is also an important option, in short, due to the selection of door lock.
In the choice of materials can be used to "see", "OK", "listen" to grasp. See the appearance of color, lock made of copper is generally after polishing and grinding processing, and copper compared to dark color,
But it's natural. OK its weight, copper lock handle heavier, and stainless steel lock visible light. Listen to the voice of its opening, copper lock opening sound dull, the sound is very clear stainless steel lock.
Also in the choice of lock, not one-sided look only at the price should be choose to have the strength of scale, product quality is stable and reliable, large enterprise products to the regular store to buy.
The lock also need careful maintenance.
Before the installation of the lock is to read the instructions carefully. Special attention is, only with the insurance of the end removed, to install, do not put with keys that end removed.
In addition, the door lock and the door of the installation and security can not be less than 80mm, otherwise the anti-theft door will be top in the door lock, the door is not closed, security is not the role of.
Lock in the daily switch gate, it is best to hole the handle lock tongue into the lock, closed the door and then let go, do not force knocked on the door, otherwise it will reduce the service life. Lock after a period of time, will
Open is not smooth phenomenon, don't to lock in the drop of oil, talcum powder or pencil fines slide into the inner lock core can be.
Also, do not use wet cloth to wipe the lock and handle, because some metallic lock might get rusted; alloy material of the locks will mill off coating and lose beautiful effect. If inadvertently will be inside the house
Insurance lock clockwise 90 degrees (that is, permanent insurance, can only use the key to open), just the reverse rotation of the insurance 90 degrees can be restored.

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